Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Preparations for the weekend

(Photo: Last Memorial Day's Mosaic Mural. Located in my friend Lourdes' backyard.)
Well, I admit that as Saturday approaches, I am becoming more and more anxious. It's not the task of doing the mosaic mural that worries me. I feel pretty confident that with all of the people gathering together to do this project, something will be created which will be stunning. It's the details of the preparations that I am consumed with and that are keeping me up late at night. I have never been the point person before: the one hosting the project, making all of the arrangements, buying all of the supplies, organizing food, etc. I keep telling myself, "when it all falls through, (because it always will, whether majorly or a little bit), just roll with it." That is one thing I have learned these past 9 months working at Ayuda Community Center: gotta stay flexible!

But I'm not just anxious; I am really getting excited. I am ready for my hands to be busy doing; I am ready to glue some stuff to a wall! I'm also ready to enjoy learning more about Community Arts by doing. I am so grateful for the past 9 months and the opportunities I have had to glean from the years of experience of other organizations and artists through networking meetings, conferences, site visits, lectures, or just great conversations. As I go into this first community arts project with Ayuda Community Center, I feel certain that the only 2 things I can count on are chaos and greatness! It's really the WHO of the day that I'm most excited about: the residents of W. Courtland St., my after-school kids, mosaic artist friends, soon-to-be mosaic artist friends, W. Wingohocking kids, Spirit and Truth people (my church), and all in between. Let's gather to create; let's respond to each other; let's try out the ideas of those next to us; let us invite the kids surrounding us into our "zone" as we place our tesserae; let's be together.
Side note: When I called Isaiah Zagar with some detail questions and I told him about our project he said, "That's beautiful; decorate the world, honey." Yes. Let's. Come on out!

(If you're unfamiliar with Isaiah's work, check out his site: I did a workshop with him in Spring 2006 along with two of my friends, Lourdes and Lance, who will be joining us this weekend.)


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Isaiah Zagar

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Whoops. I hit "publish" before I meant to.

What I meant to say is that I've seen Isaiah Zagar's work at a mosaic studio, here in Oakland.

Great stuff!

Nice to hear from you.

Mike+ said...

"Gluing stuff to a wall"! --all of the best things that people create can be put in terms like that! So you've found a great task, Miss. And I'm glad it will last for Whoknowswho to be stunned by.--Not that creating theater sets for fuddy-duddies is meaningless: they need props of a kind too, I suppose. But to care for public space is a great gift and responsibility, the way I see it. I can't wait to see and touch all you've been and will be doing!