Thursday, May 17, 2007

Title: Tesserae to Invest

Tesserae refers to one of the small pieces used in mosaic arts to create a larger work of art. Most tesserae are gathered fragments of some object that has been broken... sometimes accidentally... sometimes for the purpose of creating. A conversation that I recently had with my housemate got me thinking about investments. I was expressing to her my feeling that as I turn 30 this year, I should be establishing some sort of goal or path or plan or whathaveyou in order to further my career/self as an person and as an artist and to begin to make some sort of financial progress. Investments for the future. Then she began to speak about investments: time, care, space, of self in others, from others in self, within, toward God... Invest in a person that interrupts you. Allow a child to invest in you by telling the WHOLE story. Light a candle and invest in you soul for a moment. Read; invest in your brain. Paint, draw, and capture to invest in the object at hand. It is true that nothing is free; each investment costs something. Especially time: If you spend 15 minutes talking to the neighbor, that is 15 minutes you have invested in that relationship that can be spent nowhere else. If alone, you spend 15 minutes in prayer or simply being alone, that is 15 minutes you cannot give to someone else.

Why Tessarae to Invest? Anything we have worth investing usually comes from brokenness. From that broken place, lasting investments become possible to both give and receive.

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stacey said...

I love what you have to say about each moment being an investment. Emma just cuddled up and asked me "Why don't you ever want me to leave you?" When all I want is two minutes ALONE... it's an investment... Isn't a blog a close cousin to a Christmas letter?
I love ya misk.