Thursday, July 12, 2007

Community Arts July Update

I know, it's been way too long; I am the worst blogger... but I'm working on it! I've added a feature to my blog to alleviate frustrations when I post so infrequently. You can subscribe to my blog over on the right; when I actually do post, you'll get an email of the post and can visit the blog for new pix and such. Hopefully, this will keep all interested parties involved!

As you can see, we finally added the lines back into the mosaic mural in the signature Isaiah Zagar technique (; it really changed the look of the mural! We are all very happy. We had a potluck celebration on Sunday, July 8th where we were hosted by the Mansons yet again. Great food and lots of good conversations about what we are excited about for the future of the garden. The next art project: a removable mural to be attached to the wall that is adjacent to the garden. Two local artist volunteered to render a design for this mural, Bernie Wilkie and Matthew Miller, and we have been gathering reactions to the design from community members with suggestions for improvement. Due to current financial circumstances, I am projecting that we will focus on this project in Spring 2008.

I have recently decided to do a second year as an volunteer with AmeriCorps VISTA. This means that the VISTA program will continue to fund my position here at Ayuda Community Center until August 2008. I felt that because community art is such different work for me, my first year was spent learning so much. Often I spent time focusing on something that headed in the entirely wrong direction; once I'd realize this, I would stop, re-evaluate, and re-direct. I have spent some time this week setting up goals for my next year and I am getting pretty excited about the possibilities. I have outlined the new goals in a separate post for you to check out. Also, once I post my goal on the www, that means it's for real, right?

Making the decision to stay here at Ayuda took some time. When I asked myself what I would do if I left, I knew some things that I didn't want to do: I didn't want to seek a full-time scenic art job at a theatre and go back to that work (I truly miss the work of painting; I don't miss the rest.) I didn't want to seek a job that would pull me out of the community I live in for 40 hours/week. My work here at Ayuda involves much more than what happens when I'm in the building on Cayuga and N. Marshall; everything seems to inform and contribute to my work: my walks to and from work, my time on my neighbors' porches, the fun w/ my kids on the block (dodgeball, bowling, summer movies projected on the side of houses, etc.), conversations with block captains about their dreams for our neighborhood, time spent with my church, the many guests and roommates that come and go at our house... it feels kind of like a new way to live life; so intertwined. I'm loving it. So let's keep going. Let's see what happens here in Hunting Park...

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jane said...

Hey! so you are staying with ayuda! that's really exciting!!!! i believe it will be a really rich year for you.