Monday, July 30, 2007

Wall #2 in Yonkers, NY

Lance, Lourdes, Sara and I worked a few weekends ago to mosaic the 2nd retaining wall in Lourdes' backyard in Yonkers. The lower wall was done Memorial Day Weekend 2006; it was much larger. This upper wall ran almost as long but was not as tall. The terrain presented quite the challenge though. Thought I'd share some pix. We were lovin' that blue!


Catherine said...

This is beautiful! Is that all mirror? Is this done in the Isaiah Zagar style?

Michaelanne said...

Thanks for your comment! It is done in Isaiah's style. I did one of his workshops with a few friends and I'm addicted to it now. It's not all mirror; the rectangular mirror pieces are used to outline images and line the edges of the wall. This was the 5th mosaic project that I have worked on. are you a mosaic fan?