Thursday, August 30, 2007

Community Art Program Statement of Purpose (recently composed)

Ayuda Community Center’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to reveal Jesus’ mercy, restoration, and justice in Hunting Park so that families and neighborhoods are transformed. We seek to accomplish this mission through community development efforts, direct services and advocacy. Restoring lives; rebuilding families, redeeming communities.

Community Art Program’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to seek the transformation of our neighborhood by developing the existing creativity within the community members of Hunting Park and provide a medium through which that creativity can be expressed.

We seek to accomplish this mission by providing the following direct services:

  • art training and mentor relationships for youth
  • art exposure and skill building workshops for adults
  • coordinating the execution of public works of art for the beautification of our neighborhood which are completed as a collaboration of the residents of Hunting Park and specialized artists

Ayuda Community Center is committed to the families in our neighborhood and their prospects for a hopeful future. We are determined to focus on academic success, educational attainment, spiritual development, and overall enrichment for the residents of Hunting Park, young and old alike, to the absolute best of our ability. As we seek to serve the whole person, we believe that artistic expression plays an important role in the development of the whole person. Ayuda believes access to creative expression helps strengthen struggling communities and contributes to the declination of poverty rates, especially in neighborhoods like Hunting Park. The Community Arts Program at Ayuda seeks to “fill the gap” and become part of the city-wide effort in Philadelphia to provide mediums of artistic and cultural expression to all of its residents.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer Camp Fun

Summer Camp is over and we're registering kids for the S.O.S. (Support Our Students) After School Program. I've got three really talented teachers for the fall youth art classes and I will start registering students soon. I love the fall. It just makes me want to buy a new folder and maybe a new pencil case. In advance for the weekend: Happy September!


A quote from a letter from Linford from Over the Rhine as the revel in their home after lots of touring:

"Maybe home has more to do with the work we've all done as individuals to increasingly become people we can live with. Maybe home is the desire to live soulfully, the tiny ongoing decisions we make that allow the soul room to breathe.

That's our prayer for our extended musical family: that we would all find lives that allow the soul to thrive."

...allowing the soul room to breathe.

OTR on November 1st at the Keswick.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ayuda Albums Too!

Two albums that display a little of the fun we have been having this year. Our 5th Annual Family Day was a blast. We closed down the block to traffic and had a ball. Water slide, inflatable bouncing thing, face painting, art show, and tons more as you will see in the pictures! The Youth Programs album will introduce you to some of the awesome kids I've been working with in the after school program here at Ayuda. Enjoy!

New Flickr Albums

Check out my new album of my trip to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.