Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"What does your voice look like?"

This is the theme for our fall youth art classes. We are in week 4: Graphic Arts, Intermediate Drawing, and Oil Painting. We have been talking to the student artist about how creating art is a way to express our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. When we create visual work, we create through our own lens.

I'm continuing my own classes at Fleisher downtown (free for adults!) and I'm taking Oil Painting this semester. I am always glad to do the "classroom walk" after we have all worked on a still life for a couple of hours. We're all painting the same objects and while we're working, we're all in our own zone. When we look around, every painting is different; every painter is different. I remember once during my Figure Drawing class, I asked the model what it was like to see herself on everyone's drawing tablets. She said, "Oh, you all are just beginners. You're not drawing me; you're drawing yourself. It takes a master to draw what is really before you." I find that I look at creative work differently since that conversation.

I was talking with my good friend Dan about the prevailing presence of God in both the light and the dark places, in the joy and in the sorrows that I see in my days here in Hunting Park. He told me he'd be interested to see how the "holding" of all of that is coming out in my own artwork. I told him I'd be interested as well...

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