Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Community Art Updates

I have been trying to send regular email updates about the Community Arts Program here at Ayuda. I will be mailing a new one tomorrow. If you do not receive these updates and would like to, please send me an email and I'll add you to the list. The latest update will include some stories from the students in our program. I feel that I am being transformed by sharing the stories of those around me. I would love for you to join in. Email me at: misk77@yahoo.com

Pictures from the Art Show

I've added pix from the art show here to my Ayuda Collection with descriptions of the projects and quotes from the students.

"Art-making can be extremely relaxing and claming."

This was my favorite typo for our art show program that I thankfully caught before printing! Click below to read the program post-edits. More writing to come.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Christmas Video

Christmas Video
On December 1st, Ayuda joined the Friends of the Hunting Park Community Garden to throw a Christmas Celebration for the community. Wow... we had a blast! Ryan was blasting the Christmas tunes. We put up 3 Christmas Trees in the garden and decorated them as well as wired garland and tinsel all up and down the fence and the mosaic mural. Then we moved inside where Chosen Generation Worship Center set up some space for us to do crafts. We had the kids color and decorate Christmas cards that will be sent to the local nursing home and make an ornament that they could take home or put in the garden. The adults were busy making pine swags and centerpieces with Andy Nolan for them to take home. Once it was dark, we moved back outside for S'mores over an open fire in my firepit. Each child received a gift bag with small toys and goodies as well as a nice book called "His Story." We also celebrated Ikeisha's 12th Birthday with a cake that Ryan bought. There were folks from our after school program, community arts, college access, Spirit and Truth Fellowship Church, families from my block up on Wingohocking as well as families from all over Hunting Park. It was truly quality time spent together as a community.

November Adult Art Workshop

We gathered together on November 29th to make Handmade Cards. The instructors were Jen Burkhart and Amanda Hatch, two coworkers from my days at People's Light and Theatre Co. They have been making cards professionally for a while and they had several styles for our participants to choose from. Everyone left with 10 finished cards or the supplies to finish them at home. We had a loud, rambunctious group; several renditions of "Let It Snow" broke out. On the response card, one participant remarked, “Thank you for the free time for myself.” Great. That's the idea.