Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sifting through some stuff; found this Rilke poem in an old letter my sister, Jessie, wrote to me in 2001. This morning, Manny, my pastor, said some things about suffering that I found to be important to me. This poem echoes some of those notions...

It feels as though I make my way
through massive rock
like a vein of ore
alone, encased.

I am so deep inside it
I can't see the path or any distance.
Everything is close
and everything closing in on me
has turned to stone.

Since I still don't know enough about pain,
this terrible darkness makes me small.
If it's you, though -

press down hard on me, break in
that I may know the weight of your hand,
and you, the fullness of my cry.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

dear rilke still rings true, doesn't he?
and rumi follows up:
"God breaks the wings of one intention
and then gives you another,
cuts the rope of contriving,
so you'll remember your dependence...
it is by failures that lovers
stay aware of how they're loved.
failure is the key
to the kingdom within."
I love you, M.