Wednesday, November 26, 2008

High expectations for Obama

Today, I got to catch up with my old friend Nathalie. She was a student last year in the Youth Arts Program here at Ayuda. She's not able to take classes this year because she is responsible for taking care of her little brother and sister after school until her mom gets home from work. She is currently in 10th grade at CHAD (Charter High school for Architecture and Design). She's a great artist and I am glad to hear she's excelling there with all A's and one B. I just wanted to share this part of my conversation:
"The violence is getting really bad at school. All of the teachers say, 'This isn't CHAD anymore; it's chaos.' But you know, Obama said things are going to change so..."
Me: "Do you think Obama being the president will bring change to your school?"
Nathalie: "Well, that's what he said!"
Go for it Obama...

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