Sunday, June 28, 2009

Antigua, Guatemala: Day 1

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(Of course, I won't be counting every day, but I'm making the most of the wifi that i've got for the moment.)

I've made it and I'm am so happy to be here. Antigua is better than everyone had described to me. So unique and beautiful. I walked all over the small city and soaked it in. Lots of
new photos on Flickr so enjoy. My host family is very sweet and speak no English (only the son speaks a little) so I'd better get busy! Tomorrow, I meet w/ the head of the school where I was to teach art (swine flu has the schools closed until Wednesday, so we'll talk about what's ahead) and then my Spanish lessons start tomorrow at 2pm and will go till 6pm every day. After spending the day trying to communicate, I'm anxious to get some Spanish into my head!

I'm enjoying Henri Nouwen's book
GRACIAS! a Latin American Journal which I started on the plane. As he describes his own leaving to journey in Latin America, he reflects on the love of those who "sent" him. He describes his friend lovingly coming to help him pack which made me think of my friend Lauren and how she kept me company my last night, ironing and helping me choose what to bring on my 8 week trip. Nouwen: "Whatever my experience in Latin America will bring to me, it will be part of a body formed in love and it will reverberate in all its members..." Wherever we are, we are all connected as the Body of Christ and what happens in our lives reverberates... I know that from having my friend Deb living and working in Thailand; what happens there in her life affects me in Philly. And that's just Deb... there's also you, and you, and you...

He writes about getting to know his neighbors in Peru: "The people speak about God and His Presence in ways I must slowly come to understand. It will take time, much time, but a willingness to learn is one thing I can bring here." Amen.


Cynthia said...

Hi MH!!! Happy to hear that you made it to your destination safely. I pray that you have a good as well as a productive time while you are there. The pixs are great. God Bless

Nate said...

Yay!!! So happy that you made it safely! Photos look amazing! We'll be praying for you while you're there! Can't wait to read more about your experiences.