Monday, July 27, 2009

The Miracle of 3 Days in Zacapa, Guatemala

It's hard to believe, but the mural in Zacapa actually happened. And not only just happened; it was a really unique and rich time for all of us who participated. The process of painting this particular mural was pretty powerful.
I'll be posting thoughts and reflections in pieces. For tonight, I want to thank the three organizations that provided for this opportunity for creative collaboration. El Barrio 4 Christ is the ministry of Ignacio Sanchez and 4 other Prison Chaplains who work in Guatemala City and Zacapa. Ignacio visits the women incarcerated in Zacapa twice a month. He's an amazing guy with an amazing story about how God can change a life. He's committed to these women among all of the other prisoners he visits: to love them, to advocate for their health and living conditions, and to share with them about God's passion for them. Secondly, Estrategia de Transformacion where Joel Van Dyke is the Director. The ministry seeks to equip the church in Latin America through strategic cohorts from 5 countries to serve high-risk youth and their families in very hard places. EDT works with El Barrio 4 Christ and many other ministries to train leaders and support ministries through networking and sharing of resources. Joel does a fantastic job and is a great networker. Both he and Ignacio love the arts and see art as a powerful communication tool which can travel to places other methods fall short. That's where the third organization, BuildaBridge International, comes in. (See previous post.)

Times are tough for ministries, and these three ministries are serving in very tough places. They believe in the value of each individual person on this planet and stand committed to seeing people live an abundant life through spiritual transformation. I've learned a lot working with them on this project: about my own ministry and calling to work in Hunting Park in North Philly, about loving people, about hope of transformation in God alone. Some really rich moments, and I'm grateful. More later...


cloudyland said...

wow!! awesome job! I'm so glad that it all came together--and so quickly!

Nate said...

Amazing! Looks great! So nice to see the "fruits of your labor" It really is a miracle how God can move mountains! Looking forward to the next update!!