Monday, July 20, 2009


Today was a big day. I received photos of the preparations that are being made for the mural in Zacapa. Amazing what a coat of paint can do. I'll be traveling to Guatemala City Thursday night and then on to Zacapa early on Friday morning. I'll be going with one of the interns that is working in G. City for the summer as well as someone who will do translation for us all. I really appreciate your prayers for these three days. Also, today, I spent some time with an employee of Escuela Integrada shopping for materials for the mural which we should start painting tomorrow. Great way to practice my Spanish as he didn't speak much English and most of the folks in the shops don't. ALSO today, I passed my Grado A exam in my Spanish school! On to B which I'll barely begin in my remaining 8 days of class. My teacher was almost as excited as I was. It may not seem like a big deal... but it's so great to feel like I'm learning a little something. To celebrate, my teacher and I talked for the remaining hour or so. I love to talk to her. Today we talked a lot about struggles. Life is hard. In her words: "No hay nada color de rosa." We talked about how it's so easy to forget that God will carry our loads in His hands. We begin to carry them and we get so tired. But when we remember, we can leave our struggles in God's hands and we'll have contentment in our hearts. We were talking about songs that we like that remind us about what is true. She sang this song to me that her daughter sings from their church "oh Jesus, mi mejor amigo. oh Jesus, mi fiel..." It was a special day.

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