Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Upcoming Trip

This Thursday (January 7th), I leave for my next big trip. I will be in Thailand from 1.7-1.18, Vietnam 1.18-1.23, and Kenya from 1.23-2.3. I am preparing for 2 art projects. In Thailand, I'll be working with a friend of mine and a group of women prisoners creating "HOPE" Journals for the women to do some writing about their hopes for the future of their lives and their families. We will also be taking this activity to a village my friend has previously worked in and incorporate a small mural depicting symbols of hope that the women of the village will install in their community. My time in Kenya will be spend with NURU INTERNATIONAL which was started by my brother, Jake Harriman. I will be working with their education coordinator on the ground there. The project will be a three wall mural for a remodeled pre-school room. I will work with 13-15 year old teens in Kenya who will leave their "legacy" for the younger children as we work together to design the mural. The theme (so far) is that each student in the pre-school is a member of 3 communities: family, country, and the global community. We want the mural to communicate that through education, each child can play an active role in the global community.
We'll see how it goes! You all know these things can really turn out different than we expect. My murals in Guatemala proved that to be true...
Flexibility, right?
I won't be posting while I'm away but hope to update upon my return.

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